The Royal Running Triad in Krakow

The Royal Running Triad organised by the Sports Infrastructure Management Board of Kraków is the biggest and the most popular running initiative in Kraków, Poland. It’s consist of three events: Cracovia Marathon, Cracovia Royal Half Marathon and the Three Mounds’ Run. Competitors who manage to complete all three runs during the year are awarded with a special trophy.


Cracovia Marathon is the most important running event in Kraków and the largest spring run at the royal distance in Poland. The start and finish line are located on the Main Market Square. The slogan of the event is: “Through history” and this is why participants of the marathon run alongside many monumental buildings of the city. The Cracovia Marathon attracts runners from around the world, being the most international of the Polish marathons, with the highest attendance of participants from abroad. During the previous editions we hosted runners from 55 countries. In April we celebrated the jubilee – 20th edition of Cracovia Marathon.

In the International Open Kraków Fell Running Championship known as Three Mounds’ Run participants have to overcome a 13-kilometer route between the three Kraków mounds – Krakus, Kościuszko and Piłsudski. Almost 1/4 of the race leads along unpaved roads and paths. The difference in altitude reaches 160 m. Due to the diversity of terrain, the race has been classified as “Anglo-Saxon” in the international classification, in which the route leads once up and down, as opposed to the “Alpine” races, where the route is mostly only climbing. Interestingly, it is the only mountain race in Poland that leads through the centre of a large city. This year the run will take place on 24 September.

Cracovia Royal Half Marathon is the conclusion of the running season. The undoubted attraction is the location of the finish line – inside the spectacular TAURON Arena Kraków. The Cracovia Royal Half Marathon offers an opportunity to face a long route leading among historical monuments and picturesque streets of Kraków. This year’s edition will be held on 8 October.

During all the events we promote environmental protection activities. One of them is using 100% recycled shirts. Our technical sponsor is ASICS uses materials from recycled PET bottles collected from the waters of Sri Lanka. Additionally on the routes of our runs there are points with drinking water from the hydrants which replace drinks in plastic bottles. Runners can pour water directly into their own bottle. We try to minimise the use of paper. Registration of competitors takes place electronically using the QR Code, we also gave up paper leaflets as a form of promotion for our partners in favor of advertising on digital screens.

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