Polish Cities through the Phenomenon Short-Term Rental



Date: September 17, 2018
Time: 10.30-15.00 (with a lunch break standing up)
Place: Cracow, Historical Museum, Krzysztofory Palace, Main Market Square 35
Partner institutions and organizations:
European Commission, Ministry of Sport and Tourism, Ministry of Finance, Association
of Polish Cities, Chamber of Commerce of Polish Hotel Management, Association of Polish Spa Municipalities.
Participants: municipal authorities of cities, representatives of tourist economic self- government and residents,
Estimated number of participants: 50-60 people

The purpose of the debate: as part of the Historical Cities 3.0 project Cracow proposes a debate of interested Polish cities on the condition of short-term rental of real estate for tourists. The result will be the recognition of the phenomenon and positions of local governments of Polish cities. The debate is to help the government administration in the preparation of legal and financial tools. As a consequence, it will also be possible to present the view of Polish cities on the international forum. Participants will seek answers to the following questions:

  • What phenomena (threats) are short-term rental?
  • Whether and to what extent is legal regulation needed and at what level?
  • Regulation of short-term rental and the right of entrepreneurs,
  • What do cities expect from short-term rental agents?
  • The role of reservation platforms in the development of the tourist offer for renting apartments
  • What consequences will the possibility of providing hotel services without registration of business activity take – in the context of the act on entrepreneurs’ right?


Welcome by the Mayor of Cracow, Jacek Majchrowski

Contemporary challenges of urban tourism-conclusions and
recommendations resulting from the conference Historical Cities 3.0
Bartłomiej Walas Ph.D.,(City of Cracow)

Short-term rental in Europe. legal solutions challenges
Valentina Schaumburger-legal Officer, European Commission, DG Internal
Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs

11.15- 11.45
Sharing economy in the tourism industry in Poland – the state of affair
Department of Tourism, Ministry of Sport and Tourism
Q & A

Short-term lease and tax obligations
Filip Majdowski, deputy director of the Tax System Department
Q & A

Coffee break

Short-term rental through the eyes of hoteliers. Breaking the monopoly? Equal business conditions ?an incomparable product?
Ireneusz Węgłowski, President of the Chamber of Commerce of the Polish Hotel Industry

Keeping records of other facilities providing hotel services as the own task of the commune / mayor / president. The current legal status through the eyes of local government
Bożena Zaremba – Marcych (UMK)

Short-term rental in health resorts and tourist resorts – balance of profits and costs
Jan Golba Ph.D. (President of the Association The Association of Polish Spa Communities, Mayor of Muszyna

Cracow – gentrification through the eyes of residents – a case study
Ph.D., Assoc. Prof. Paweł Kubicki, Jagiellonian University

Sopot – case study


Debate, recommendations

Contact: hc@um.krakow.pl

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