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Historical Cities 3.0

The number 3.0 used in the title is connected with the latest concept of marketing and, in fact, management. In as far as marketing 1.0. was focused on the product, 2.0 on the consumer and the 3.0 concept speaks of supporting the value of the consumer who becomes a man with a certain lifestyle, preferences, dreams and predilections. The concept focuses not on the product proposition but on solving problems, not on offering services but on improving life and understanding oneself. The product or service is to meet not only material but also emotional expectations. Marketing 3.0 allows you to jointly create product success, encouraging customers, employees, business partners and residents to act. Changes in the value system and the use of technology have also resulted in the emergence of a new tourism model 2.0, and cities are looking for their route to sustainable development.

This context was at the heart of the HISTORICAL CITIES 3.0 project, whose main goal is to discuss problems, experiences, solutions used in historical cities, exclusively in the aspect of tourism development, taking into account demographic, spatial, historical, cultural, economic and social conditions and for the purpose of searching for common tools for sustainable development in terms of the evolution of tourism.

Thanks to the centuries-old heritage and popular tourist attractions, historical cities strengthen the identity of residents, integrate regional economies and build the brand of countries. They create the majority of innovations, and their economy can be at a higher level than the economies of some countries. The contemporary, more and more intensive tourist traffic poses a number of challenges, including the construction of quite innovative concepts of development, quality of life or marketing communication. In line with the European Commission’s approach, “European cities should be locations where advanced social and environmental progress is taking place, while maintaining economic attractiveness and economic growth based on an integrated approach that takes into account all aspects of sustainable growth”.

Therefore, Cracow offers to similar cities thematic debates every two years:

2018 – Residents and visitors – in search of quality and comfort

2020 – In search of a premium tourist

2022 – Tourism-friendly cities – in search of a new model of attractiveness

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