Elections at local tourist organization LOT Krakow

The director of the Krakow Museum, Michał Niezabitowski, was unanimously elected chairman of the association council at the founding General Meeting of Members of the Tourist Organization of the Capital Royal City of Krakow. Grzegorz Soszyński, a Krakow-based entrepreneur and tourism manager, was appointed President of the Management Board of LOT Krakow.

Photo Jan Graczyński

At the Founding General Meeting of Members of the Tourist Organization of the Capital Royal City of Krakow, thirty-eight founding members supported establishing the organization. Of those 38 founding members, 23 are private entities, 6 are state entities, and 5 are business associations. Resolutions were passed to establish the Association, adopt the Charter, and elect the Association Council and Audit Committee.

Michał Niezabitowski, director of the Krakow Museum, was unanimously elected chairman of the Association Council, and at the first meeting of the Council Ms. Ewa Woch-Kosmider – co-founder and vice-president of the Management Board of Targi in Krakow – was elected vice-chair of the Council. The Association Council is composed of eleven representatives of the founding members, including seven representatives of the tourism business and one representative of the association of entrepreneurs.

The Association Council elected Grzegorz Soszyński, a tourism manager and Krakow entrepreneur, President of the Management Board of LOT Krakow..

“The establishment of a local tourism organization in Krakow is a great opportunity and a challenge at the same time. The partnership and cooperation of the entire tourism industry of Krakow lie at its heart. We are launching a new model of tourism management. This is a very important area for the development of our economy. The city, the tourism industry, cultural institutions, we all feel that only together can we achieve this goal. We need you to do this, so thank you for being so committed to creating a local tourism organization,” stressed Jacek Majchrowski, the mayor of Krakow.

The association seeks to work in aid of tourism sustainability based on the tourism policy of Krakow, in close cooperation with partners and stakeholders of the tourism market, in particular residents. The projects currently in progress will serve to increase the importance of the sustainable tourism sector in the economic development of the city and the metropolitan area, with an aim to improving the quality of tourism services.

“Among the first steps to be taken are discussions with stakeholders in the Krakow tourism market. Interaction and strengthening of relationships will therefore be of key importance. Without a partnership, it is difficult to imagine LOT operating effectively. It will also be important whether external financing can be obtained quickly to implement projects. I will be keen to attract partners from outside the tourism sector as such, but also from those areas that interact with the entire hospitality industry in Krakow,” says Grzegorz Soszyński, CEO of LOT Krakow.

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