The Krakow Christmas Market among the most interesting in the world

The tastes and scents of Christmas are best experienced at Christmas markets. CNN urges visitors to visit the Krakow Christmas Market, citing it as one of the most interesting in the world and among the largest in Europe. The market will open on 24 November and, as every year, will enrich the unique atmosphere of the city.

The list of the best Christmas markets according to CNN also includes proposals from London, Budapest, Helsinki, as well as Singapore, Toronto and New York, among others.

The market in the capital of the Małopolska region is recognised especially for its festive mood and setting. Visitors find the city’s unique architecture, regional traditions, and live music performances by folk bands the most impressive. Stalls of local and foreign vendors and craftspeople encourage Christmas shopping and discovering new tastes.

As every year, there will be a wide range of products on offer, including hand-painted bulbs and other Christmas tree ornaments, decorative items, Christmas reeds, ceramics, wood products, wool, cloth, art glass, jewellery, souvenirs, postcards, and calendars.

The market will also host vendors from Lithuania, Ukraine, Slovakia and Hungary, who will sell cold cuts, cheeses and sausages, bread, fabric and wooden jewellery, linen and wool handicrafts, souvenirs, and ceramics, among others.

Last year, Krakow’s Christmas Market was recognised by the British newspaper The Times, which listed it as one of the 24 best Christmas markets in Europe. This year’s event will run from 24 November to 1 January 2024, and the theme of this year’s Christmas decorations will once again be the Wawel tapestries. The Christmas tree that will light up the main square on 2 December will also refer to this theme.

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