ANTALYA MURATPAŞA MUNİCİPALITY joined the Historical Cities 3.0 project.


Muratpaşa is the second largest Metropolitan District of Antalya with half a million population. Modern day district of Muratpaşa is home to Kaleiçi, the historic center founded by AttaIus ll, King of Pergamon around 150 BC. Witnessing the rich historical heritage today as well, from Pergamon Kingdom to Rome from Byzantiyum to Seljuk from ottoman to Republic, Kaleiçi articulates into the World’s Cultural Heritage with its characteristics. Within the framework of the context above and in order to share with the entıre World the living historical texture and cultural values of Kaleiçi, since 2016, the municipality is organizing the Kaleiçi Old Town Festival, which brings together representatives of historical cities from troughout the world. The main goals of the festival are to raise awareness for the historical cities an the problems and challenges they are facing today, discussing common problems concerning historical cities and sites within the scope of thematic issues and developing efficient solutions, creating alternative tourism strategies to enhance local sustainable tourism development in the historical cities.

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