2nd International Conference HISTORICAL CITIES 3.0

If you’re interested in #tourism and #historical #worldheritage #cities, 11-12 March 2020 might be the dates you really don’t want to miss. This is when the long-awaited “HISTORICAL CITIES IN SEARCH OF A PREMIUM TOURIST” conference will take place at the ICE Kraków Congress Centre.
The Conference is part of the Historical Cities 3.0 project, focused on experiences, challenges and solutions adopted by historical cities, exclusively in the area of #tourism #development. The conference #discussions and #casestudies will take into account the diverse landscape of #tourismmanagement determinants and variables, seeking to develop common tools for sustainable development.

“The March conference discussions and debates will certainly be extremely interesting”, says Bartłomiej Walas from the Department of Tourism (Municipality of Kraków). “…mainly because of the growing discussion around the future of tourism in historical cities, i.e. what it should look like. The existing challenges translate to the growing need for a reliable diagnosis and valuable insights concerning the current condition of the tourism industry”, he adds.
The first edition of the conference discussed the relations between visitors and local residents, the second will seek answers to important questions around the concept of “premium tourism”.
Some of the best experts and authorities on tourism have kindly agreed to share their knowledge and experience in the following areas/panel discussion formats:

  • Managing the tourist experience
  • The city of festivals or the festival city?
  • Congresses at any cost?
  • Outdoor sporting events: who are they really for?

The list of guests and speakers includes representatives of Poland, Italy, Czech Republic, USA, Great Britain, Canada, Belgium, Ukraine, Singapore and international institutions such as the European Commission, ICCA, Airbnb.
The conference has been developed for the benefit of local governments, non-governmental organizations, tourism industry and tourism professionals.

Early registration is required and available at: https://historicalcity.conrego.com/en/registration

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